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“Even Better in Person”

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Mel Alesya Bag ReviewCouldn’t wait to share this letter from a recent client.  First of all, how cute is Melissa?  (Pictured above.)  Secondly, check out her letter below.  It made my day to get it.

Just received my new Black By Popular Demand Alesya Bag and I have to say, it’s even better in person that I thought it would be. It’s really heavy duty but still elegant and I can already tell this is a bag I’m going to have for years.

Major kudos for thinking seriously about how a woman’s purse/laptop bag needs to be organized in regards to pockets! That shallow top compartment will likely save me about 3 hours a month of setting my purse on my car while I dig around in the cave like compartments searching for my keys.

I bought this bag primarily for work travel but its so beautiful, I’m certain I’m going to use it much more frequently. I’m so excited. Thank you!

Atlanta, GA

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FAQ – Christmas Orders

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Many of you have been quietly asking me “Will you have bags available for Christmas?”  Although no one likes to talk about the year end holidays before Halloween, I wanted to address the issue publicly.

The Short Answer

Bags are in limited supply.  Order now to ensure you get yours!

The Long Answer

There is a limited supply of the Black By Popular Demand and Heavy Metal laptop bags.  Black has been outselling the Metal but I’m projecting I’ll run out of both by the end of the end of the year.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  No guarantees about new stock or if these colors will be back.

Holiday orders start to heat up the day after Thanksgiving.  And (sorry guys) men start to panic about December 10th.  Emails come in like “HELP!!!!  I need a bag!  Sent to my mother-in-law’s house!!!!  Overnight or sooner!  I’ll pay anything, just get it there!  PLEASE!!!!”

Don’t wait.  If your wife/mom/sister/girlfriend/bff has a bag on the top of their Wish List get it now.  Stash it away until December and breath a sigh of relief knowing that you are ready for your holiday celebration.


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Alesya Bags Review

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Have you seen Purse Blog and Purse Forum?  It’s a whole site and H-U-G-E discussion board on handbags.  Recently one of their popular users, SailNep5, posted a review on her Alesya Bag.  I just loved seeing how she used her bag and I thought you would too.

The following is her entire review with no edits from me.  Enjoy!


Here are some modeling pics of it full with all my stuff (for reference, I am 5’4″, 115 lbs):

And here are some more pics….first is the front section, which consists of a zippered front section that is canvas lined with three pockets. I used one of the pockets for my personal toiletries, the second for my lipsticks, and the third for my pen. In this section I house my chargers (laptop charger, iPhone, and Blackberry charger) as well as my portable mouse. There is room to stuff more things, but it would certainly add to the bulk of the bag (although the pleats in front help hide it).

Unzip the main front section to reveal the laptop holder. It’s nicely padded and holds my 12.5″ laptop with room to spare. There is certainly enough room to pack in a standard size 3-ring binder or extra notebooks with the laptop.

The top part is super shallow (hits the top of the laptop) but is deep enough to hold my iPhone, Blackberry, and car keys.

The back pocket is surprisingly spacious and this is where I hold my thick clutch wallet (I have one of those huge Hobo International wallets), Moleskin, and other random stuff. I was pretty sure my things wouldn’t fit but the bag stretches out nicely to accommodate.

I don’t have a 3-ring binder, but I did fit a ringed cookbook back there just to test. It fit snugly with all my other stuff. A regular sized binder won’t fit in this pocket, but an iPad or other tablet should do just fine.

Lastly some still shots of both sides stuffed to gills with my belongings, but with more room to spare. Despite all this it does not weigh down on my shoulder (although ask me again after a work trip!). The handle is lightly padded.

Okay, so I just got back from carrying the bag as my sole laptop/purse bag for the past week as well as a work trip.  The verdict is…it’s a keeper!!

I love how organized it keeps me (I’ve always fumbled around my purses for keys and phones, and in this bag it’s always right on top), and continue to be impressed with how much it holds.  I try to pack light on work trips, bringing my laptop bag and clothing bag, and packing a foldable Le Pliage as my purse.

This worked great because I got to my hotel room, took out all my work accessories and laptop, then hit the road with it being my purse.  I got compliments from people who had no idea it was a laptop bag.  Huge score!!

Alesya – you’re welcome to share.  Thanks for creating such a useful product, and one I’ve been struggling to find for a while…..I’m looking forward to you bringing back some of the old (or creating some new) vibrant colors!

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The Kids Get in the Picture

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Many of you read the inspiring Huffington Post article by Allison Tate “The Mom Stays in the Picture“.  It’s a powerful message about how your children need pictures with you and they won’t care if you don’t have the right outfit, your hair is done or you have an extra five pounds.  Ms. Tate’s message strongly resonated with many of you for good reason. She is so right.

The Fall 2012 launch was a big day.  Big enough that I wanted my daughters there.  Will they remember a day at a warehouse?  Maybe my 3-year-old will.  But they will have these pictures and know they were there because their mom wanted them there.  And that we celebrated together.

Me "Let's take a picture!" My daughter "But I wanna dance!"

My daughter "Dancing is fun!" Me "Well, I suppose it is..."

Me "Let's dance it out!" My daughter "Duh Mom. That's what I'm doing!"

Fancy dance moves in a warehouse.

The baby is thinking "What the heck is going on here?!"

"The was awesome mom! High five!"

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