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Update – 17″ Alesya Bags

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

17" Alesya BagsThere is good news and bad news on the 17″ Alesya Bags progress.  The bad news is I’ve decided not to produce a larger leather bag.  Three reasons:

1.  You are sending me more requests for a smaller bag rather than a larger one.  I listen to what clients say!

2.  Apple has discontinued the 17″ laptop.

3.  Something we can all see – technology is getting smaller, not larger.

Now, all that being said, might I do a larger weekender bag sometime in the future?  Or perhaps a fabric bag?  Or maybe something you haven’t even considered yet?  Yes, yes, yes!

On to more good news.  There are two 17″ Alesya Bags available.  In the picture at the top you can see it as compared to the regular Heavy Metal bag.

17" Alesya Bag ClaspsIt has all the same features as the original bag with a few extras.  It’s obviously much larger and can accommodate a 17″ laptop – I’d guess even larger!  There are also two cross body straps included – one is leather and one is fabric.  The interior is also a higher grade nylon that will be more durable.

17" Alesya Bag Straps

17" Alesya Bags Interior

17" Alesya Bag BottomHere are some measurements you might like:

  • Bag Length – 19″
  • Bag Height – 15″
  • Shoulder Strap – 8.5″
  • Interior Pocket Length – 17″
  • Interior Pocket Width – 11″

The bag is $495 plus shipping and tax if you are in South Carolina.  It’s final sale – no exchanges or returns.  I have one on reserve already, so please send me an email to alesya (at) if you are interested.  Thanks!  ~A

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Free Shipping – Today Only!

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Alesya Bags Cyber Monday Happy Cyber Monday!  Are you getting a good chunk of your shopping done?  Today and today only we’re offering free shipping.  Just type in the code CYBERMONDAY to get the deal.

If a bag is on your wish list, please send a not-so-subtle hint to your Santa.  I have a few retailers threatening to clear out my stock for their own stores.  So please, don’t miss out and let someone else get your bag.  Claim your color now!

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Alesya Bags on The Today Show

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

What do Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kobt and Alesya Bags have in common?  They are all scheduled to be on the 4th hour of the Today Show the day after Thanksgiving!  Set your DVR’s for 10:00 – 11:00 AM on Friday to see the mention.

Thanks to Carly Knobloch of the Digitwirl, the bags will be included in a round up of travel related tech products.  I have been a fan of Carly’s and adore her videos so to have her pick the bag for the Today Show…well, it was a pretty darn big deal.   Thank you doesn’t seem like enough – but a big THANK YOU to Carly and her team for supporting and carrying Alesya Bags.

If you happen to miss the show I will post the video later this week.  Exiting times!  ~A

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Alesya Bag Up For Auction

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

First, the important news.  Today in Lansing, Michigan there is a auction benefiting Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  If you are in the area stop by – they are auctioning off an Alesya Bag.  (Not the one above – rather a lovely Black By Popular Demand.)  I hope the bag raises a lot of cash for a great cause.  Not in the area?  Perhaps you can phone in your bid.

What is the bag I’m holding?  Let me explain.

When I first had this idea but wasn’t sure what to do with it, my coach Jackie invited me to a Ladies Who Launch meeting in Lansing.  I was nervous, but it was a little step I could take in the right direction.

I only had one bag to bring with me and explain my idea.  (You guessed, that’s the bag above.  I still have it today.)  I was embarrassed about the bag.  It was big, bulky and made of pleather.  Not exactly a fashionistas dream, but it was the only prototype I had!

First Alesya BagThere were three other Lansing-based entrepreneurs at the meeting with us – Fran Russell, Barbara Hranilovich and Summer Schriner.  We had to go around the table and talk about our businesses.   By the time it was my turn I was squirming in my seat.  They all had real, launched products!  Barbara’s had even been on the Rachel Ray show!  I was the girl with the plastic bag.

As I sheepishly told my story and demoed the bag something amazing happened.  They liked the idea!  They wanted to try out the bag!  They didn’t care it was pleather – they GOT it.

What a big moment for me.  WHAT a confidence boost.

From that day on I started carrying the bag around.  Even to big meetings – with millionaires and billionaires.  (Side note:  I had nothing to worry about.  Straight men rarely notice your bag.  Sorry guys.)  It made my idea and the company feel real.  It gave me the energy to move forward.

A month ago Fran emailed me and asked for a bag for this auction.  She said they were all “so proud of me.”  I about fell out of my seat.  What a big compliment from the women that I looked up to.

Have a great time at the event tonight ladies!  Wish I could be there.  I hope your guests love the bag.  Thanks for all your support.  ~A

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The Alesya Bag Goes to Vote

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

I’m such a Democracy Dork that I had my husband take a pictures of me (well, and the bag) going to vote today.  I still find it really exciting.  Now that all the shouting is done it just feels like a big party where everyone was invited.

Hope you got out there today!  What a great country we live in.  ~A

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Where the Magic Happens

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

My friend Jordan and I have been talking about this image a lot lately.  I’m sure you’ve seen it floating around the Internet.  Isn’t it so simple?  But still so very, very true?

I feel like I need to put it as my screen saver on every electronic device I own so the next time I hesitate to something I stop thinking and just do it already.  Whew.

Hope this image brings your some inspiration too.  ~A

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