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Green, Blue & Other Choices

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

A little business before we get to the post…

The first package from China waits on my porch.

Yesterday, my first real package from China arrived.  It came to the door like any other delivery, with no more fanfare than a doorbell.  But as I found the package on my porch and my eyes went to the return address I could feel my breath catch when I saw the word “Shanghai”.

All the hardware pieces came packaged like this.

After carefully cutting the opening, I removed each piece as if it was a precious artifact.  Seeing it all laid out in front of me was a big moment.  It was a moment I’d imaged when planning this new career.  “Oh, I can just see myself pouring over leather samples.”

And now, it was a real.  I’m litterally sitting here staring at several varations of one color.  Looking at the grain.  Discussing the merits of the quality.  Wondering about price.  And most importantly, deciding what a laptop bag owner would most like to have.

So please, take make 3 second poll at the top of this post.  You never know when your vote will show up in a bag.

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Thanksgiving Kids Table

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

On Thursday, our kids table will be filled with four young ladies.  Three of the girls are our good friends and neighbors.  The fourth is my 19 month old daughter.  Since they all are VIP’s in my world, I wanted to do something fun for their Thanksgiving table.

At first, I couldn’t get these adorable owls from Rock Scissor Paper out of my head.

Then, I saw these cute turkey shirts from my friend Christy Wing.  They are available through her store, the Shining Wings Boutique.

Of course!  Turkey.  It is Thanksgiving after all.  With those two images in mind, I made turkey placemats using each one of the girl’s favorite colors.

The youngest is Pretty in Pink.

The middle daughter’s favorite color is purple.  She even has purple glasses which I must tell you, are fabulous.

The oldest daughter loves blue.

And my daughter doesn’t have a favorite color yet, so I picked her pattens in yellow and green.

I used clear glass plates so you could still see the turkey faces.  (I may rethink the grape juice with the white tablecloth!)

Each girl will have a different deck of cards to keep them entertained.

The full place setting looks like this.  Ready for mashed potatoes!

I added a centerpiece with walnuts and a flag in each color.

The final table ended up looking like this.  I hope the girls enjoy it!

How is your Thanksgiving planning going?  Are you packing up for a trip?  Vacuuming the guest room?  Today I’ll be trying to beat the crowds at the grocery store. Let’s hope there’s a nice bird waiting for me.

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