Alesya Bags Sale

July 22nd, 2014

You’ve waited for it and it’s almost here!  The first Alesya Bags Sale.  Tomorrow, Wednesday July 23 at Noon EST the sale will start.  All available bags will available for $199 with free shipping.  (Wow!)

Let’s say that again:

All bags.  $199.  Free shipping.  Tomorrow.  Stock limited.

Need a friendly reminder?  Sign up for the Wait List at the top of  Not only will you get an email when the sale is live you’ll receive the free shipping code.

Now, the color commentary.  Why the sale and why NOW.  Two reasons:

1.  It’s a great time for you to have these colors.  They will work beautifully from summer into fall.  Rather than wait until after the holidays to do a clearance sale, I want to do it now so you can use your bag (you guessed it) now.

2.  Alesya Bags is in the middle of a big brand change.  Big.  Over the next few months I will go through the process with you and my thinking behind it.  Mistakes I’ve made and probably needed to make.  But it’s going to bring us all to a good place.  An exciting place.

See you at the sale tomorrow!  I can’t wait to see which color sells out first.  ~A

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Sale News

July 15th, 2014

Alesya Bags In the Cloud Hot Spot Wallet

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know I’m planning the first Alesya Bags Sample Sale.  Here are the timing details:

Through July:  Keeping looking for hints on what will be available during the sale.  I’m cleaning out the archives and I think you’ll be excited to see what I’ve found.  Some old, some new…all unavailable until now.

Tuesday, August 5:  Right here on the blog you’ll find a full list of Sample Sale items.  There will be photos, details and prices.  You’ll see products that I’ve never thought I’d sell.  An email to the Wait List will be sent when the blog has been updated.

Wednesday, August 6:  Starting at Noon ET, I’ll be putting each item up for sale on Instagram.  First person to leave their email will get a PayPal invoice.  As long as the invoice is paid within the hour the featured product is all yours!

Can’t wait for August?  No problem.  Next week there will be a full fledged sale on  All three in stock colors will be for sale at an amazing price.  Want to be the first to know?  You guessed it, make sure you sign up for the Wait List to hear the news.

Questions?  You know I’m here.  Please ask them in the comments so everyone can see the answers.  If you’re wondering I know other people are too.  ~A



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#WinAlesyaBag Winners

June 20th, 2014

Wow!  You made the judging difficult.  Thank you for sending me all your creativity and enthusiasm.  And now – the winners:

Joa Franco created two videos.  Alesya Bags – The Bag of Your Dreams and Alesya Bags to the Rescue.  Please enjoy them both below.  Plus Joa is traveling to Puerto Rico so she also created each video in Spanish.  Incredible!

Ronii Bartles created a story board using Pinterest.  Her #WinAlesyaBag board took me on a journey and I loved every moment of Ronii’s social media savvy.

#WinAlesyaBag Board

Emily Hines created a fun blog post including my favorite phrase of the contest – “I have this desire to explore.“  And don’t well have the desire to explore something?  Enjoy your trips to Chicago, Indianapolis and back down South Em!

Carla Ayers printed out a large photo of one of the original Alesya Bags, cut out and handle and took it around town with her!  Then she posted her adventures on Instagram.  Can’t wait to see you with your REAL laptop bag Carla.

Carla Ayers for Alesya BagsCarla Ayers for Alesya Bags
Kri Burkander
tweeted me every, single day with her summer plans, moving goals, kids trips, outfit choices for her new bag, her bff/husband and funny jokes.  But what really got me is her hard work on her dissertation while carrying this sad looking backpack.  Get ready to kick butt with your new bag Kri!

Kri and Sad Backpack

Big thanks for all your entries!  There were some hard choices to make because you all are so talented.  If you didn’t win, fear not.  I’m sending you a gift code just for entering.  Look for it in your inbox shortly.

If you are a winner please send me your choice of bag color and your shipping address to alesya (at)  Looking forward to seeing you with your chic new laptop bag!

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Your Chance to #WinAlesyaBag

May 28th, 2014

Where will your Alesya Bag go this summer?  This is your chance to travel with a fresh laptop bag on your arm.

Part fashion, part function, this stylish laptop bag has plenty of room for your carry-on comforts. Throw in your sunglasses, a bright summer lipstick, your phone and all the other essentials and still have plenty of room for your laptop.

Interested? Here’s how to participate:

In 140 characters or less, tell me using the hashtag #winalesyabag where you’re headed this summer and why an Alesya Bag would help you get there.  I know you can’t possibly get it all said in 140 characters so feel free to include photos, drawings, or any visual aids that will help your cause.  You’re extraordinary – go ahead and show me. I’m looking for personality.

This is the final collection of this bag design for the foreseeable future, so if you want one, act now. Load up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn with your mini-masterpieces.  Include the hashtag #WinAlesyaBag and you’re officially entered.

Judging Criteria:

  • Creative use of social media
  • Individuality; that certain something that only you have
  • Clearly communicated message about why you want the Alesya Bag


Can I write a blog post and then use the #WinAlesyaBag hashtag to direct traffic to the blog?
Sure you can. Smart thinking.

Should I enter if I already have an Alesya Bag?
Of course! This is a chance to add another color to your collection.

What colors are being offered?
Each winner may pick from Hot Spot, Technically Green and In the Cloud.

What are the dates of the contest?
The #WinAlesyaBag contest runs from May 28 through June 15th.

I really want to win! How many times can I enter?
I’ll accept one entry per day, per person.

How many people will win?
Five winners will be chosen.

Are you only giving away bags?
You know I like surprises.  You never know what kind of rewards might pop up!

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Wanted: Fashion Interns

February 25th, 2014

Alesya Bags is in search of three upwardly mobile, chic, hard working, straight talkin’ interns.  Applicants need not live in the Charleston, SC area but must be willing to FaceTime as needed.  All work will be project based.

The internships are unpaid, but excellent work will be rewarded in fashion.  (Yes, you will get a beautiful laptop bag.)  More importantly you will gain valuable experience and insights into a growing business.  Glowing, over-the-top references will also be given as warranted.

** Bonus:  I don’t drink coffee, so no fetching of any searing hot beverage will be required. **

PR Intern
Are you excited about life?  Passionate about pitching?  Hoping you could be the next Kelly Cutrone?  Step right up.  Public relations interns will be representing Alesya Bags by pitching our story mainly via email.  Depending on the person, you may also be involved in other aspects of the business as well such a photo and video shoots.  Excellent follow through, communication skills and professionalism is expected.

To apply:  Email your resume with a note including your favorite publication (and why) to alesya(at) with the subject line PR Intern.

Twitter Intern
If you love social media, are super trustworthy and think an organized system is the key to life, this is the gig for you.  You’ll work closely with me to fine tune the way we use Twitter.  It’s not just about 140 characters, it’s about connecting with people.  If @GaryVee or @OscarPRGirl don’t ring any bells, this isn’t the right fit for you.

To apply:  Send me a tweet about why you want this internship.  Follow up with an email and resume to alesya(at) with the subject line Twitter Intern.

Graphic Intern
Everyone knows “your laptop wants to look good too.”  But so does your laptop bag marketing!  Graphic interns will be responsible for creating social media graphics.  You must be willing to work within brand guidelines while bringing your own flair.   But wait, you have bigger, better ideas than just an Instagram graphic?  Bring it on.

To apply:  Please send a link to your portfolio and/or samples of your work to alesya (at) with the subject line Graphic Intern.

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2014 Bag Details

February 13th, 2014

You have questions about new bags, I have answers about new bags.  Let’s jump right in.

Q:  When will new bags be available?

A:  New bags are scheduled for Fall.  This means you’ll see them in late summer and most likely August.  If you want to know the moment they are available, please sign up for the Wait List.

Alesya Bags Women's Stylish Laptop Bag

Q:  Will there be new colors?  Will Black By Popular Demand be coming back?  What about Heavy Metal?

A:  While I haven’t made any decisions on other colors I can tell you Black will be BACK.  Women who frequently fly need a bag that hides stains – even the ones you get from putting it under the seat in front of you.

It’s fairly unlikely you’ll see Heavy Metal again this season.  As far as as other colors, please keep pinning your suggestions on Pinterest.  I’ve been surprised by some of your choices, but I love seeing every single one.

Q:  What color will the lining be?

A: While I don’t know yet, I can promise you it will NOT be black.

Q:  Will the design of the bag change?

A:  Yes!  But I’m not sure by how much.  Features I’m considering include:

  • A crossbody strap
  • Lighter overall weight
  • Change in the way the laptop is inserted
  • Easier access for file folders

The goal of any change would be to help you get to your destination stunning and impossibly fresh-looking.

Carrie in Paris

Q:  Will you make a fabric or vegan bag?

A:  This one’s a real head-scratcher.  While I do think a fabric/non-leather bag is in the future, I’m having a hard time reading if there’s a real need or demand for it.  Ask me again tomorrow and I could have a totally different feeling.

Q:  Is there a way I can get a sneak peek?

A:  Shhhhhh…I often leak details prior to launch on Facebook and Instagram.  You MAY also see some hints over on Pinterest.  See you there?

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How’s the Business?

February 6th, 2014

In the last four weeks I’ve been getting one question more than any other:  How are the laptop bags going?  (Read: How are sales?)  Never one to hold back, I’m ready to dig into the numbers.

2013 ended very well.  From my best holiday season (2011) sales were up 27%.  Total year over year total sales were up 40% on the website alone.  Campo Marzio on King Street in downtown Charleston started carrying the bags and I began selling on Amazon as well.

Women's Laptop Bags - Alesya Bags Technically Green

Black by Popular Demand and Heavy Metal bags both sold out due to a great holiday season.  Many ladies also found In the Cloud and Technically Green on their doorstep.  Since their launch the blue and green bags were neck-and-neck in sales volumes.

Normally I see a huge dip in sales in January.  It’s usually very quiet and I’ve grown to expect it.  Call it the calm after the storm.  (Well, not so much in many parts of the country, but you know what I mean.)

Alesya Bags Women's Laptop Bags on Porch

2014 has been different.  Sales have remained the same as other “normal” months.  With black being sold out, green has taken the lead in sales.  The Hot Spot bags have also jumped up in popularity.  As Spring quickly approaches, its fun to see many of you look to warmer weather.

It doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to know this is good news.  Sales are up, the business is growing and we all get to create more beautiful bags.  Would I like it to be going faster, bigger and better?  OF COURSE.  But as my friend and consultant Jordan Broad told me, “This is what opportunity looks like!” AKA: Hard work, organic growth and reinvesting in the company so I can keep 100% of it.

Women's Pink Laptop Bag - Alesya Bags

While my name is on the zipper, I certainly haven’t been doing this alone.  Your feedback on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter continues to inspire and delight.  We’re growing this company together.

Special thanks to clients Gina Shimko, Megan Cassidy and Veronica Steele for sharing photos of their bags.  Gina received her Technically Green bag from her husband for her birthday, Megan’s 2nd bag came in the middle of the latest snow storm (go UPS!) and Veronica’s Hot Spot bag is modeled by her friend Rachel Metscher at the SMS Summit in Las Vegas.

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Real Life Super Couple: Jessica & Nate Kiser

December 10th, 2013

Nasty Nate Kiser & Jessics Kiser - Charelston Krav Maga - Alesya Bags
Today I launched a fun new campaign featuring Jessica and Nasty Nate Kiser.  If you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to Facebook for the full shebang.

Nate, as you may have noticed, is an MMA fighter.  He’s recently started his career and trains at Charleston Krav Maga with Matt Robinson.  The buzz on Nasty is significant and its likely he’ll be going pro shortly.  After you watch this recent fight where Nate has a TKO in the 3rd round, I think you’ll understand why.

Nate Kiser Carolina Stingrays
This isn’t Nate’s first endeavor into professional sports.  For seven years he played for the South Carolina Stingrays – Charelston’s professional hockey team.  He was the enforcer.  Which basically means he beat the crap out of anyone who messed with a teammate.

Nate and Jessica Kiser
Jessica and Nate have been married for six years, but have been dating since Jessica was 13.  While we were on set, their chemistry was amazing – just like they were still teenagers.  We all felt so lucky to have such a good models.

Jessica is an athlete in her own right.  She runs a minimum of six miles a day, weight trains and has been known to spar with Nate.  The Kisers have really taught me a ton about discipline and how it’s the day-in, day-out hard work that brings the greatest results.

Not only is Jessica stunning and ripped, she’s also the reason I get to work everyday.  She’s the reason I can travel, tend to family emergencies and get dinner on the table.  How is this all possible?  Jessica is our nanny.  Both my husband and I feel lucky to have her in our house everyday.

Now you know the rest of the story and two real life super heroes.  Jessica and Nate – I’m so proud to work with both of you.  Thank you for making this campaign a huge hit.  ~A

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Passion Projects

December 9th, 2013

Passion Projects seem to be stalking inspiring me lately.

By definition, a passion project is something outside your normal work that has such a huge emotional pull you want to spend the extra time to do it.  Heck, the project might even be fun.

I’ve discovered several inspiring women doing something different.  They include:

  • Jessica Hische, who in 2009 launched Daily Drop Cap providing one illustrated letter a day.  In 2011 she published the infamous Should I Work For Free.  These projects along with amazing work blasted her into illustrator super stardom.  Jessica’s video interview with GitHub really cemented why Passion Projects worked for her.
  • Renowned Charleston wedding photographer Leigh Weber published an enchanting book about the first year of her son’s life.  The First 52 Weeks let Leigh work in a new medium, with a subject she was obviously passionate about.  The results are simply beautiful.
  • My friend Shameeka Ayers took a break from being The Broke Socialite to launch Miss Pinkie’s Seafood Mac & Cheese.  Pans of the delicious casserole continue to sell out at every event she attends.

All this got me thinking…what if I could put a passion project back into my work?  What if I didn’t have to go outside my work?  And wasn’t this what work was all about anyway?

So that’s what I did.

Tomorrow I’ll be launching a holiday campaign that’s been rolling around in my mind for the last year.  It’s fun, sassy and somewhat unexpected.  To be the first to see it sign up for our mailing list with your email.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Fall 2013 is Here!

August 22nd, 2013

Alesya Bags Women's Laptop Bags Hot Spot

First things first, congratulations to Pat Hurley the winner of the first Fall 2013 Alesya Bag!  I’ll be reaching out to you for your color choice.  I have a feeling you’re going to make someone VERY happy.

Also, I’d like to give out a few other rewards for excellent work.  Lisa Marie Patzer posted four customized Alesya Bags pictures on Facebook and for her creativity I’ll be giving her a $25 gift card.  Erin Land posted 19 Alesya Bags pictures to Instagram and for her persistence I’ll like to give her a $100 gift card.  Thank you for your participation ladies!  Look in your inbox for your gift codes.

Alesya Bags Women's Laptop Bag Blue

Can’t decide which new color is the one for you?  Or the one for your significant other?  My friends over at Mackenzie Image Consulting have put together a handy guide to help you out.  They’ve paired each bag with their complimentary colors.

Look to see which colors you wear the most and that will help you decide what bag to get.  Thank you Megan and Shauna!  Your expert advice is always spot on.

Alesya Bags Women's Laptop Bags Green

This has been my biggest launch ever and I have a ton of people to thank.  Watch for those updates here and on Facebook.  My first thank you has to go out to you.  If you’re reading this you’re the person that supports me day in and day out and I can’t say what a huge deal that is to me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~A


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